Alkawther Motivation

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Unspoken Revivalism

Makki’s willingness to analyze and question her own work for the elucidation of her audience is both unusual and admirable. Poetry lovers will enjoy her imaginative writing while aspiring poets may be attracted to it as a guidebook for creative endeavors.

Alkawther Motivation

“Poetry spurs imagination beyond limitation, coaxes emotions both universal and innate.”

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Smarter Cleaner Leaner

Be Smarter, Cleaner, Leaner with Alkawther Makki’s Lifestyle. A straight to the point health and wellness guide to enhance all areas of your life and motivate you to become your best self. Eat to satisfy your brain, not your stomach. Learn health principles and practices of a real human to feel superhuman. 



Completely amazed and satisfied! Complete life changer!! I’m amazed at my transformation! I was someone who was fatigued all day, had poor bowel movement’s and brain fog. Thank you so much to the Intelligent woman behind this book, you’ve truly guided me to a healthy lifestyle!


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Most inspiring positive book I’ve read in a long time! I met the author and I decided to buy the book and I’m glad I did. I was in a dark place in my life and this book was so inspiring .. gave me a new outlook on life in general. It’s not a typical books has poems, drawings, amazing stories. This is a necessary read.

Stefanie Swann

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INSPIRED ME GREATLY! Let me just say, this one is a very different book than the rest. I don't usually write reviews, but it's important that I do considering how this book made me feel. It really made me start thinking in a more positive way toward life goals, even toward other people. It also gave me brighter ideas to incorporate in my career as it makes you question your purpose in life very positively portraying that every human being has an exceptional talent.


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Unspoken revivalism has spoke! Alkawther Makki is a sentient artist who’s Poetic work evinces ubiquitous truths. A must have masterpiece both in her words and in her art work; drawings that captivate skillful, poetic concepts. This book can even be utilized on a teacher student level or for parents trying to educate their kids; included is a guide filled with questions: questions and critique,critical thinking,Essay, and so much more. Unspoken revivalism is an empowering, quintessential tool. Embrace it!

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