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Alkawther Makki

Alkawther Makki is a Writer, Author, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker. Born and raised in Detroit, Alkawther has learned the importance of communicating with diverse audiences. As a passionate poetaster with keen expressions and artistic individuality, she was first known for her unique prose and précis as a public speaker on poetry and philosophy.

Her sage character and sincere voice of gratitude, ethic, and humanity reflect the vivid events of her chronicle. Aside from writing poetic drama, Alkawther is a health fanatic and researcher who enjoys experimenting with all Mother Nature has to offer, as she has a brain powering zest for life and enthusiastic nature to undertake any challenge by finding beauty in all things. Her other passions include Running and Boxing; both her strengths that enhance her spirit and contribute to her mental health.


Unspoken Revivalism

Viewing Reality in a Different Lens

Makki’s willingness to analyze and question her own work for the elucidation of her audience is both unusual and admirable. Poetry lovers will enjoy her imaginative writing while aspiring poets may be attracted to it as a guidebook for creative endeavors.

– Barbara Bamberger Scott, US Review of Books


Smarter Cleaner Learner

Be Smarter, Cleaner, Leaner with Alkawther Makki’s Lifestyle. A straight to the point health and wellness guide to enhance all areas of your life and motivate you to become your best self. Eat to satisfy your brain, not your stomach. Learn health principles and practices of a real human to feel superhuman.


The Love That Time Forgot

From the writing savant, Author of “Unspoken Revivalism” and “SmarterCleaner Leaner”, Alkawther Makki brings a new genre of timeless love in this one-of-a-kind poetic romance. Never seen before, Alkawther’s expressions are captivating, raw and unfiltered. Experience the resplendence of the heart and mind that evokes wonder!

Beating the times; Alkawther has beat the odds time and time again. As a child she could not read or write when others her age enjoyed story books. She continued to challenge herself, persevered to read and write, created unique works and masterpieces, and worked to master the art of writing as a multifaceted author in more than one genre.



The Breakaway Motivation Platform; Alkawther Motivation shares a unique perspective in integrating Superior Health and Superior Mind by propelling life’s protagonists as life’s leaders with the Super Human Approach. The purpose built key influencers and interactive tools reform ordinary ideals into extraordinary tour de force. Today we are the Nonpareil Modus Operandi in the Modernist Motto seeking to become the dominant informative superhighway influencer in the contemporary world.



Embrace real world individuals by bridging emotion and intellect, because your latitude should go as far as your desired altitude. Since collaboration is receptive, our attention to detail is rooted in individual experience, surroundings, and self-purpose. Withal, our purpose is to foster innovation and growth, help people aspire to greatness in their personal and professional lives with Alkawther Makki’s multifaceted paradigm; her superlative books, interviews, and quotes challenge the status quo.


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