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“Your greatest weakness can ultimately become your greatest strength!”

Alkawther Makki


Beating the times; Alkawther has beat the odds time and time again. As a child she could not read or write when others her age enjoyed story books. She continued to challenge herself, persevered to read and write, created unique works and masterpieces, and worked to master the art of writing as a multifaceted author in more than one genre.

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About Me

Alkawther Makki is a Mother, Writer, Author, Entrepreneur, and Student at the University of Michigan. Born and raised in Detroit, Alkawther has learned the importance of communicating with diverse audiences. As a passionate poetaster with keen expressions and artistic individuality, she was first known for her unique prose and précis as a public speaker on poetry and philosophy.

Her sage character and sincere voice of gratitude, ethic, and humanity reflect the vivid events of her chronicle. Aside from writing poetic drama, Alkawther is a health fanatic and researcher who enjoys experimenting with all Mother Nature has to offer, as she has a brain powering zest for life and enthusiastic nature to undertake any challenge by finding beauty in all things. Her other passions include Running and Boxing; both her strengths that enhance her spirit and contribute to her mental health.

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“A sound wave of color or a color wave of intelligence, poetry is a colorful collage framed by many Picassos!”