Alkawther Motivation

Alkawther makki


Poetry spurs imagination beyond limitation, coaxes emotions both universal and innate.”

“Life’s beautiful properties are not only qualities that delight the senses, but are qualities that enhance the soul.”

A sound wave of color or a color wave of intelligence, poetry is a colorful collage framed by many Picassos!” 

“Your greatest weakness can ultimately become your greatest strength!”

“Every war has a peacemaker who is a warrior.”

Poetry is a musical and its composers like Wolfgang’s.” 

 “Beauty can be found in all things that have the potential to be great things.”

“Humanity is to live in action in the face of fear, because to live in fear is quite the contraction.”

The warrior fights oppression with positivity because kindness suppresses injustice, and the oppressor can never survive in the kindest justice.”

A diverse crowd laughs, cries, and claps in unity because all people seek peace, purpose, and prosperity.”

Superiority and inferiority of races only exists in the soporific mind.”

Life is meaningless without purpose, ambition, drive, and ultimately challenge.”

Experience gives us an inner knowledge to journey with heart, prosper with mind, choice with destiny; never chance with ignorance, rather dance with reality.”

If you believe you are failing to meet your purpose, today I reassure you not to give up because you are greater than one ability, skill, and talent. Your mind alone is a universe abundant in galaxies-matter composed of infinite energy. The human energy field is greater than what we understand, and we have only a small glimpse of its potential.”

Encompass the ten obstacles in your life because it will make the story of your life an unforgettable one.”

By no means should your destiny survive by luck, rather determine your destiny by the unlucky challenges you survived.”

If you are someone who has overcome adversity you are much stronger and more equipped to endure the storm because faith grows in disparity.”

Embrace the difficult challenges of today so that you will celebrate the opportunities of tomorrow.”

The inclination of one to acquire savant abilities tells us that every single limb, organ-separate of one another has the ability to perfect a skill, has the ability to become a champion.”

Enigmatic Phenomena tells us to have hope, faith, and belief in God because God does not favor oppression, rather strengthens the oppressed.”

Difficulty does not lack ability, rather difficult for the less capable to be able.”

Rise up through the difficulty of the pain or live difficultly with the pain of giving up.”

The most fundamental force in life is to share your knowledge and collaborate with the rest of the world to help others thrive, foster innovation and growth.”

Fear not the opportunity, fear fleeing the opportunity.”

Do not feel compelled to shut down your big dreams because they are larger than life, out of reach or too farfetched.”

Your speech sets the stage for everything surrounding you; take a moment to think about how that looks.”

Be the voice of reason, have the courage to face adversity and climb a mountain, thrive and aspire to greatness because it will be the best time of your life.”

Feed your brain, not your stomach.”

Don’t settle to feel normal, aspire to reach vitality.”

Don’t adhere to the silence because it felt more comfortable and you didn’t have to face rejection or doubt.”

Don’t let the celebration speak without you because you once had a brilliant idea you let pass you.”

Today’s world can be an illusion and therefore it requires you to be resourceful and perceptive; you need to be able to pinpoint an invisible leviathan in the clear sea.”

The resplendence of humanity should take your breath away.”

Trust yourself, be earnest in your endeavors and unafraid to experiment prospects out of the ordinary.”

Just as the sun rises every morning and nightfall makes its entry that is the same way your situation can change.”

No matter the extent of your hardship someone somewhere in the world is struggling in a greater capacity than you are.”

You need to have a spirited outlook on life, have the courage to face the real world, and strong enough to swim through the storm safely to shore.”

The perceivable is the attainable until it defies the principles of humanity.”

Every one of you is special and unique; the hardest part is discovering what that is.”

When you put in your hard earned work through sweat and tears it makes it impossible for someone to take success away from you or discredit you.”