Alkawther Motivation

Alkawther Makki

Superhuman Approach

(Superior Health + Superior Mind)

+ Reform health beliefs by disclaiming indoctrinated false claims

+ Reprogram the brain to become brain health consciences

+ Reinvent yourself with interactive tools and key influencers

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I. Vitality VS Normality

II. Reliable Experience VS Misleading Experiment

III. Internal Wellness VS Outer Physic

IV. Mental Performance VS Physical Performance

V. Whole Foods VS Packaged Foods

VI. Ingredients VS Nutritional Facts

VII. Polarity VS Energy Expenditure

VIII. Positive Energy VS Negative Energy

IX. Visceral Volition VS Intellectual Volition

X. T.E.S.T for Success VS Success


Alkawther Makki

Moral Impetus

The Human:  

The purpose of humanity serves to take action, spread knowledge, and impact others.  

The Warrior: 

The warrior (peacemaker) initiates positive energy for a positive outgrowth.

The People:

All people share basic human emotions, therefore experience is diverse, empathetic, one.

Beauty: Beauty is an extraordinary phenomenon, properties that enhance the soul, resilience and the rise of a champion.

How do you find beauty in all things?

Beauty can be found in all things that have the potential to be great things; the same way one finds beauty in fear, fight, and fatigue. It is difficult to comprehend that beauty can be present in a time of war, death, racism, poverty.

World hunger: the beauty is that the potentiality to eradicate it is present. A philanthropist, who strives to help those in need, believes in those that come from very little, yet possess ample strength to succeed. The one, who has a vision, can build a structure-a system of skills; the mission is the tools, the resources are readily available, and it is the courage that is the key.

Murder: the beauty is that justice will be served, not for one, for many others who continue to seek answers, look to find faith in God, look to seek truth and justice in their communities, thus aspire to become educated in the justices.

Racism: the beauty is that the speaker brings a diverse crowd because all people are created equal. Those once hindered strive to greatness when all odds are against them and possess greatness to unify, but never to create civil unrest.

War: the beauty is that the peacemaker (warrior) will expose the greatest façade of humankind, fight for the rights of those who seek to preserve the land and its humanities, prevail in a time of fascism, and make a prominent revolution for the greater good.